Hi I’m Jo,

I’m a 37 year old Home Educating mum of 4 with too much to do and not enough time! I am eternally trusting and like to look on the sunny side of life. My Husband and 4 children all have varying degrees of Autism / ADHD.

I was diagnosed with Autism and ADD as an adult, and I truly believe there isn’t enough support and advice out there for people like me. I am still coming to terms with the different aspects of my life that have been affected by my Autism and ADD, many things that I could have coped with easier had I known I could change things up a bit.

I searched but couldn’t find a resource to help Adults with Autism with the mundane, everyday tasks, which we can struggle with. Over time, I have learnt how to develop strategies to help me deal with daily living. This has changed my life in so many ways, and maybe some of the strategies can do the same for you too! So now I am sharing the ways we can make life more manageable - giving us more time to concentrate on the important things that matter.

Speaking of things that matter, I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids, doing charity work, aromatherapy, nutrition, watching films and making memories.

I am a BTEC Qualified Mentor for young people and a Nutritionist. In the past I have worked as an outdoor pursuits instructor, with the probation service, with adults with Learning Disabilities and in various voluntary roles within the community

Hey I’m Tony,

I’m more ADHD than anything else (if you ask me)

I’m a solutions driven individual, some would say systematic some would say flexible. I think I take each challenge as it comes. In my “work” life that was probably one of my greatest skills, the ability to be flexible. That leads me to people… but more importantly the way people think!

I’m the eldest of 3 boys, we were always a boisterous bunch, back then I would have never dreamed I’d see them both struggling with schizophrenia in their late teens. My interest was such that I studied psychology at the age of 24 and worked with adults with learning difficulties as a volunteer for many years.

I moved back to my hometown of Northampton and almost immediately welcomed in a new housemate (William) who is on the Autistic spectrum and my inquisitiveness and interests in Autism grew from there. I actually live across the road from Jo and after many chats we decided to give it a go…
Launch a resource for Adults with Autism that’s a little different from the status quo!