Abuse in Homes for Adults with Autism

Here in the UK there seems to be an ongoing problem of Abuse in Homes for Adults with Autism, this morning I came across an article in “The Guardian” which shocked me – trust me, this is pretty hard to do as I am well aware of the abuse that can and does happen.

As an Autistic Adult myself, and a former NHS Nursing Assistant with Adults with Learning Disabilities I have seen firsthand the cruelty of staff members who think it’s fun to ridicule and intimidate the very people they are being paid to support!

The Nitty Gritty

This article gives clear details about the type of Abuse that was going on, to which my 10 year old daughter exclaimed “What The Hell!! That’s Horrible!!” when reading it.

These are a few Quotes from the original article.

“A whistle blower claimed one resident of Mendip House was slapped, forced to eat chillies and repeatedly thrown into a swimming pool.”
“A staff member is said to have put a ribbon around a resident’s neck and ridden him “like a horse””

“Staff threw cake at his head and put crayons in his coffee. When he asked for a biscuit he was given an onion and when he would not eat it, he was sent to his room.”

I’m just posting this for now and I will come back to it later, I had to post it straight away as I just read it and wanted to share with you guys to see what you thought.

Hope you’re all OK.

Jo. x





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