Adulting With Autism

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Being an adult with Autism brings it's own unique life challenges.

Hack What You Have To Do, To Concentrate On What You Want To Do

And Start Making Life Easier from today!

How To Crack Adulting With Autism

So we can be the people we know we really are!

Strategies & Suggestions 

We excel at some things and struggle with others.  When life gets hard we can learn short term and long term strategies to help us to manage and even enjoy those mundane, everyday tasks that neurotypical people do without thinking! 

Peer Support Group

Autism Peer Support

We all need someone to talk to, even those of us who are not good socially, to chat to like minded people, ask questions or just rant in a safe space, join our facebook groupwe'd love to connect with you.

Overwhelmed? Struggling to cope?

Everyday tasks can be difficult for us .. scroll down to see where we can help.



Keeping up with the Housework, DIY, Creating a Routine, Sticking to a Routine, Varying a Routine, Food Shopping, Parenting, Getting Help and Support at Home, Home Education, Helping kids on the spectrum, Uncontrolled Spending and Seasonal Holidays.


holding down a job

Public Transport, Interview Techniques, Reasonable accommodations, Flexible Hours, Disability Discrimination Act, Making Money Online, Being Self employed, Making the most of your Special Interests.


executive function

Timekeeping, Paying Attention, Managing your money, Planning, Organisation, Multi tasking, Forgetting to do tasks, Remembering Important details,  Benefits and regulating behavior.


Coping With Anxiety

Too loud, too bright, too busy, Opticians, Doctors, Hospitals, Touching Rubbish, Tags in clothes, Getting Distracted, Underwear shopping, Getting Bored, Social Interaction, Stimming, Clothes Shopping. 


Personal Health

Medication, Supplements, Vitamins, Diet, Side effects of Medication, CBT,  associated illnesses, Sleep, Mood Journal, Exercise, Eating Disorders, Aromatherapy and Personal Hygiene.  



Partner struggling with you, Can’t read facial cues, Can’t read Body language, Not interested in Sex, Uncomfortable with Gender, Attracted to same sex, Hyper sexual, Friends, Naive, childlike, Trying to be “Normal” or being over Friendly.

Being an adult with Autism brings it's own challenges.

And we have plenty of tools, strategies and suggestions to help

Maybe you (as we) have discovered there's a lack of information out there for adults with Autism, it's mostly for Parents to help them cope with their Autistic children. Those children grow up and here we are and it's still hard! 

Hack What You Have To Do, To Concentrate On What You Want To Do

If only we could manage to work out how to do the simple things that neurotypicals do so easily - We have a Hack for that!

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