Why is it all about kids?

Actually – I’ll re phrase that, not even about kids – but how their parents can cope with them!!

It’s literally driving me mad now, do people just assume that all these Autistic kids just disappear once they turn 18??

… no!

What happens is they either stay at home and have their parents do everything for them, or they move out and have a much more difficult life than it needs to be!

Ok, I need to calm myself down, don’t get me wrong – I have children on the spectrum and I’m the first to admit it’s no picnic trying to bring up an ASD child, it can be a thankless, depressing and never ending task!

However, I am astonished by the lack of support and basic services for Adults with ASD in the UK, or the world for that matter. This stuff isn’t even available for us to buy for goodness sake – it’s not like I’m asking for it to be free on the NHS!

Let me elaborate, what started me off today – was searching for some kind of clothing that would be tight and comfortable, but light and breathable enough for me to wear underneath my own clothes. The point being that it would protect me from the different sensations of various things, including tags in clothes, scratchy material, seams of clothes, embroidery and hems.

This is a very common trait of Autism that I know many adults struggle with, why isn’t there something available? They are available for children up to age 14 and then … nothing.

After about an hour of searching online I found 1 supplier of adult compression vests for people with Autism in the US, but it was £35 for one and obviously postage from America!

I had real trouble understanding why the supply just cuts off at that age and that’s when I realized, it’s when the parents stop looking for them!

“I remember wearing these when I was younger but I had no idea they were anything other than a vest like every other kid wears.”

My parents must have made a point of not telling me that I had special Autistic clothes and I’ve spent my entire adult life up until this very moment, wondering why every vest I ever wear just isn’t the same.

I am going to do something about it – I’ve decided, even if it takes me forever, I am going to source and try myself different items that may work for the purposes I need, then I’ll pass on the information to you guys.

Please feel free to share any items you already know of or use, or if I’m completely wrong and my research skills are a lot worse than I thought!!

[Update] – I am still 100% committed to finding Products that will help us to live a more productive life and as I’ve already explained, I’ve been on the hunt for a compression type vest for Adults. The best one that I have found so far has been the brand named “Under Armour” – these are essentially made for sportspeople to wear under their kit to keep them warm but comfortable.

Obviously they come in different styles, but they all look something like this.

The cheapest place I have found to buy these items at the moment is Sports Direct, they have a pretty good range and better prices than anywhere else.

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